And from the Mist Covering the Hilly Road, a KSRTC Bus Emerges…

A KSRTC Ordinary bus emerges from the chilly mist covering the hilly Elappara – Vagamon road in the high ranges of the Idukki district in Kerala. The bus was on its way from Kumaly to Moolamattom via Elappara and Thodupuzha. The entire place was completely covered in mist making visibility as low as a couple of meters! The very narrow, twisting and turning road running among the hills is bedecked by tea plantations on both sides and is shrouded in mist even during day time, like it was at 3:30 pm when this picture was taken! The huge trees loom as silhouettes in the background as the white bus nicely blends into the surroundings. And, it was a lucky shot! The entire surroundings looked completely ethereal and out of this world…

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