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“It is About to Rain!” – An Ethereal Scene From a Kerala Backwater

What seems to be a scene looking like out of a sci-fi horror movie just before inter-dimensional creatures were about to appear through a vortex, or from a disaster movie that sets an apocalyptic scene after an enormous calamity that wiped out three quarters of humankind, this is neither, but only a part of an ordinary wet ecosystem of a ...

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A Mesmerising Sunset Over the Edava Nadayara Lake, Kerala

A stunning sunset over the Edava Nadayara lake in Kollam district, Kerala.

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Ernakulam WDG3A Diesel Locomotive Kerala Beautiful Cloudy Background Natural Setting

A Train and a Dramatically Beautiful Kerala Setting

Ernakulam diesel locomotive shed’s veteran WDG3A diesel freight locomotive #13145 heads north with the 56388 Kayamkulam-Ernakulam passenger. This location is just ahead of the train’s origin. It was a very dark and overcast evening, and it started raining heavily pretty soon after this picture was taken. The image was heavily edited, of course, and the result is a dramatic, though ...

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Dramatic Colourful Sky Kottayam Kerala Paddy Fields

A Dramatic Evening Sky That Looks Like an Explosion of Colour

No, this is not a nuclear detonation. What looks like an explosion of fluffy yellow spreading outwards from a white core into the vast blue, is the very natural and highly dramatic setting of a colourful evening sky in Kottayam district in Kerala. Above a water-logged paddy fields hangs a a sky blue of many hues,  a bright yellow setting ...

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extra long double decker houseboat beautiful kerala backwater

A Double Decker Houseboat Under a Perfectly Blue Sky in Kerala

A very long, outsized full-length double-decker houseboat lies anchored on a hot and dry January day somewhere in Alappuzha on the most houseboat-travelled route in Kerala. The Vembanad lake lies still while the coconut trees stand in contrast to the perfectly blue sky. The houseboat here named the “Royal Palace” and classified as “Conference Houseboat” is probably the largest on ...

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Red Blue Breathtaking Sunset Kollam Killimukkam Edava Nadayara Lake

A Stunning Red-and-Blue Kerala Backwater Sunset!

This is a real picture of a real sunset in Kerala over the Edava Nadayara lake backwaters or the Kilimukkam lake on the border of Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram districts, as seen from a train that passes over the lake on the Kilimukkam bridge at this spot, the sky incredibly painted half red and half blue, the red flaming over the ...

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