The Legendary Karnataka Express with the MLY ALCO Twins!

On a heavily overcast day, the local superstar and king of SWR, the legendary 12628 Karnataka Express from New Delhi to Bangalore  City rolls onto home stretch from the YNK-KJM branch line onto the KJM-SBC mainline to finish the last 7 km of her epic 2400 km journey at Channasandra Bypass cabin, Bangalore. As it is with tradition, she is famously hauled by twin ALCO diesel locomotives to and from Bangalore. The KK, as the train is popularly known, is one of the last popular “double-headed” (hauled by two engines) trains and here are the two WDM3As #16017 and #16201R of the Maula Ali (MLY) shed Hyderabad on duty, providing a whopping 7200 bhp to haul the 24 Coach load of the KK.

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