Good Looking Pampa Special KSRTC bus at Kottayam

It is rare these days that you spot a KSRTC bus that looks good and in good shape. Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) Fast Passenger bus RPA 710 rolls down the KK Road at Kottayam in front of the Kottayam Collectorate offices. This Fast Passenger bus belongs to a depot in Kannur district and has been specially chartered to the Kottayam depot to operate Sabarimala special services to Pampa from where it has just returned. This bus looks good because it does not seem to have many bumps and dents, has a nice paint job, features double headlights compared to the usual two headlights for Fast FP buses and its sides have not been defaced by advertisements. The bus was built by the erstwhile regional workshop at Aluva.

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