New Kerala KSRTC Volvo B9R Multi Axle Buses in a Row!

On their way from the Volvo factory at Hoskote near Bangalore to the KSRTC HQ at Trivandrum in Kerala, Kerala State Road Transport Corporation’s (KSRTC) mint new “Gajaveeran” Volvo 9400 Multi-Axle buses stand majestically tall in the traffic jams of Marathahalli. Five of the buses can be seen in a row in this photo, one behind another. 10 of these buses were ordered by KSRTC for the first time ever to be mainly deployed on routes from Bangalore to Kerala. Kerala KSRTC’s Volvo services are branded “Garuda”, just like APSRTC’s premium services. Also, this is the original of the edited photo used as the featured image on KSRTC’s online booking portal, without my permission, of course.

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Kottayam to Bangalore Kerala RTC volvo service review
New Bus.Rash Driving.Departure time 4Pm but engine was on from 3.30 itself with very few passengers inside.
Points to improve
Departure time has to be revised to 5.30PM or 6Pm to be competetive with Karnataka RTc and private operators
Blanket and water has to be provided to all passengers irrespective whether the passengers request or not.During my journey,eventhough water bottles and fresh blankets were loaded in bus it was not provided to passengers and only upon request from passengers it was given
The conductor has to be mor audible when he announces the next stop so that all apssengers can hear and be infomed about the next stop
Because the bus starts at 4 PM from Kottayam please ensure that the bus stops somewhere aroung 7.30 for dinner and please select a place where passengers can use the rest rooms.
Send SMS when ticket booking done online and also send conductor/bus details to passengers as sms as done by Karnataka RTC


Timings have been changed, the bus now departs Kottayam at 6 pm.
Blankets and water will now be mandatorily provided.
SMS will be sent to mobile numbers on online booking.

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