KSRTC Volvo B7R RA100!

Move over RA ONE, here comes RA ONE HUNDRED! Kerala KSRTC’s Volvo B7R RA 100 doing the Bangalore – Trivandrum service at a filthy rest stop somewhere near Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu on the NH7. RA 100, 101 and 102 are the three only Volvos of the KeSRTC and all do Trivandrum – Bangalore – Trivandrum services. The majestic buses are known as “The Boss”

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Arun Joshy

KSRTC Volvo B7R RA100! is not fitted with Speed Governor
Becoz this bus acquiring a speed of 100 Km/Hr
I tried to overtake this bus Yesterday (05.12.2013) in night in Coimbatore and this bus acquired 90-110 Km/hr inside city limit

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