Bangalore’s Notorious Tin Factory Jn on a Rainy Night

The Tin Factory Jn in Bangalore is pure horror. It is part of the Tin Factory-KR Puram Railway station traffic jam complex, where jams are found 24 hours. IN this stretch, 11 roads meet in addition to two major interstate bus stops and an important railway station. And then they have made a “hanging bridge” with pillars on the road and two flyovers and the most unscientific bus stop in the whole world, at one towards Hoskote at the beginning of the “hanging bridge”, where people have to wait literally in the middle of the road! The place is perpetual traffic chaos of unimaginable scale. And just imagine how it would be when it rains. Here is the view from the foot overbridge towards KR Puram station. You can see the rain falling if you look carefully. Check the scene on the right. That jam will stretch backwards 4 km until EMC2.

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