The Faded Orange Train Waits Beside the Green Wall

Erode’s classic electric locomotive WAP4 #22220 heading an equally famous train the 16318 Jammu – Kanyakumari Himasagar Express waits patiently on the mainline at Ettumanur, Kerala for the Jan Shatabdi to cross it on the loop on the KTYM – MNTT single line. The loco used to be bright orange but the color has faded drastically over time. It stands next to a very wet and striking green wall covered by moss and plants thanks to the monsoon rains resulting in shocking contrast in the picture. The loco must be Erode’s last few remaining locomotives with center mounted headlamps and should be scheduled for overhaul soon. After its journey of 3400+ km, the train was 2 hours late, very dirty and smelled like a poultry farm.

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