Aluva Puzha, Aluva Sky, Aluva Manappuram…

Blue everywhere during early morning as one end of the Aluva Manappuram, where the mighty Periyar river splits into two flows along calm and composed in the morning, as its banks are seen as apit of green between the blue sky and the blue river… The famous Aluva Manappuram Mahadeva Temple (Shiva Temple) can be seen along with the “Manappuram Kadathu”. Aluva Manappuram and its surroundings are steeped in Kerala culture and history as locations for the annual “Balitharppanam” and also of the historic Mamankam festival and many wars. It was the spot where many ancient and medieval kingdoms flexed their muscles of power and where much blood had been spilled, now lies silent and contended… Note the reflection of the apartment highrise in the water.

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