A Brilliant Bengaluru Sunset Obscured by Concrete Jungle

Gridlocked traffic, concrete monstrosities, cables slung overhead everywhere. And in between all this, a gorgeous sunset struggling to make its presence felt. The typical Bangalore scene of a mass of stalled vehicles, honking, dust and smoke, above which ugly concrete jungle and twisted metal structures shutting out nature. We have shunned nature, stunted it out of our lives for some grimy joy of being enclosed in a metal bubble on four wheels, within concrete walls or in our own egotistical cocoons. I actually felt sad to see such a brilliant natural scene struggling to make its presence felt, and that nobody was even noticing it, everyone busy either to get ahead of the guy in front, or on their phones. Needless to say, it was after years that I saw such a nice Bangalore sunset. Imagine this picture without all the crap blocking out that brilliance! Ejipura junction, Koramangala.

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