The New KSRTC-Swift Volvo Sleeper “Gajraj”

The new Kerala KSRTC-Swift Volvo B11R Sleeper bus KS005 from Trivandrum to Bangalore via Nagercoil seen at Kaniyapuram near Thiruvananthapuram. It was a wet and rainy evening. The bus starts from Kaniyapuram on the northern outskirts of the city at 1845 in the evening, passing Kazhakoottam and Technopark at 1900 and Trivandrum Central at Thampanoor at 1930. It crosses all of the city in the process before heading south to Nagercoil. From there it hits the highway to Tirunvelveli and Madurai to reach Bangalore the next day early morning. KSRTC-Swift (Kerala) was the launch customer for the new B11R Sleeper buses from Volvo India. The buses are branded “Gajraj”. Some very old models of ordinary buses can be seen alongside, marking a huge contrast.

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