The Eco Friendly Banaswadi Railway Station

If anything, boarding a train from Banaswadi Railway Station is a nightmare, especially so at night. Middle of nowhere, only a narrow congested road that leads to it, no bus services, no lighting, only one food stall that doesn’t sell food, a very narrow cramped platform which is not long enough with no roof, no coach markings, a very small station building and so on. God help you if you have to board from here and especially so if it rains or your train is late. 12 pairs (24) of trains stop at Banaswadi, including 9 pairs of express trains like the YPR – Kochuveli Garib Rath and the YPR – Howrah daily SuperFast. Still, deplorable conditions. Though in the middle of the city, surroundings of this station resemble a tropical mini-forest.

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