A Leading Cause for Traffic Jams – Bangalore

Causes of traffic jams vary, but the biggest culprit is most often the incredible uncivilized stupidity of people. Look at this cab guy, who jumps the queue trying to get in front of everyone, blocking traffic coming from the opposite side and also delaying people waiting in queue. So all those people who are waiting in queue for the signal are fools and this guy is the only hero? These people should not be fined, but thrashed. And it is not just cabbies, but “educated” idiots also do this stunt regularly, blocking traffic for everyone in their self-righteous, overzealous attempt to get in front of everyone else to save seconds which do not really matter. From Devarachikkanahalli Main Road signal, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

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Interesting. I use the same term – educated idiots. I sometimes use the tamil equivalent too – “Padiccha muttaal”.

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