Dubai’s Majestic MAN Neoplan Centroliner Double Decker Bus!

Dubai’s majestic Neoplan Multi-Axle Double Decker bus as seen at the Al Jubail bus terminus in Sharjah. These buses built by MAN’s Neoplan on the Neoplan Centroliner platform are the mainstay of Dubai’s public transport bus system owned and operated by Dubai government’s Road Transport Authority (RTA). These buses are incredibly comfortable and can seat 51 on its upper deck and 29 on its lower deck and can accommodate 200 in all including standing passengers! The bus is very tall at 4.5 meters which gives the upper deck great headroom. The stance and structure of these incredible vehicles are breath-taking! The Al Jubail bus station is the terminal for Dubai buses to Sharjah. These Double Deckers a and are used to operate 7 routes between Sharjah and various destinations in Dubai at a frequency of 5 to 15 minutes. To know details about Sharjah – Dubai buses like timings, routes and frequencies, you can check RTA’s Wojhati route planning website or Google Maps.

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