“Aerial” View of Old Madras Road – Quintessential Bangalore!

View of Old Madras Road, one of Bangalore’s arterial roads from atop the railway line overbridge that crosses above it just after the Tin Factory junction. This shot in short captures a microcosm of Bengaluru. The looming mall on the right (the dome of the Gopalan Signature Mall), the steel-and-glass IT tech part (RMZ Infinity) opposite it, the chaotic winner-take-it-all traffic bunching together on the road totally oblivious of lanes, vehicles moving in all directions at the junction, autos everywhere, double-parked cars, a BMTC bus, pedestrians (including a schoolboy and a lady – under the ‘a’ of the ‘vadakkus’ watermark) struggling to cross the roads with vehicles vehemently denying them, a traffic policeman helplessly watching the entire scene, the typical yellow Bengaluru street name board (left), Bangalore City Police’s nakabandi barrier (right), flex boards of smiling politicians, petty shops, enormous hoardings, bumpy uneven roads, KFC, McD… And of course, the general greenery and climate reflected by the overcast atmosphere. Bengaluru rocks! Now, if only people followed traffic rules…

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