Flex banner with KPN bus departure timings from Ernakulam photographed backwards

KPN Bus Timings, Backwards.

A flex banner at the Ernakulam office of KPN travels showing timings of their buses departing Ernakulam to Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Madurai, Pollachi etc. In case you haven’t noticed, the picture is taken from behind the banner at night and still everything is visible perfectly. Good printing work I say! šŸ™‚ (Timings might have changed) Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn ...

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Picture of a vehicle breaking rules in Bangalore causing Traffic jams

A Leading Cause for Traffic Jams – Bangalore

Causes of traffic jams vary, but the biggest culprit is most often the incredible uncivilized stupidity of people. Look at this cab guy, who jumps the queue trying to get in front of everyone, blocking traffic coming from the opposite side and also delaying people waiting in queue. So all those people who are waiting in queue for the signal ...

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Blurring Big City Lights

The big city lives on through the days and the nights, unmindful of what goes down within it and around it, except the never ending run of lights… In our endless run, as days and nights fuse into a blur, all that remains is specks of lights in the darkness which flicker on and off briefly, as the city continues ...

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Cabbie’s Realistic Advice on Parents and Girlfriends

“Appa Amma First, “Preeti Prema Next”, says this message stickered on the back of a Tata India cab in Bangalore. Translated it would mean “Dad and Mom should come first before love and girlfriends” (It can also be deduced that Preeti and Prema are names of girls, hee hee). Profound, indeed. Many such gems can be uncovered from self-made bumper ...

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Ettimadai Railway Station Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu

Ettimadai Railway Station

The quaint little Ettimadai Railway Station 21 km from Coimbatore on the Coimbatore – Palakkad stretch of Southern Railways. Only passenger trains including MEMUs stop here. 12 trains (6 pairs) have stops here. Ettimadai RS is the nearest station to the Amrita Vishwavidyapeedam. All departures at Ettimadai Railway Station here. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Reddit Love This Pocket ...

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KSRTC bus timings board at Kuravilangad Kerala

KSRTC Bus Timings at Kuravilangad

A board displaying the timings of KSRTC buses at Kuravilangad, Kerala, timings towards Pala on the left side and towards Vaikom on the right. Kuravilangad is a small town on the MC Road in Kerala, 20 km from Kottayam towards Muvttupuzha. A historical place, it is home to the St Mary’s Church believed to be first built in 105 AD ...

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