Lucky Number 13 With India’s (28 hr Late) Longest Distance Train

On a chilly morning where it looked like it would rain (and it did), Arakkonam’s 25-year old WAP1 #22013 crawls into Kottayam bringing in India’s train with the longest running distance, the 15606 Vivek Express from Dibrugarh in Assam the very eastern frontier of India to Kanyakumari on the southern most tip. The train was scheduled at 0340 on a Wednesday. So I first thought it was 4 hours late, when I realized it was Thursday, making the train one day and four hours or 28 hours late!! The train was dirty and filthy, crammed with people and stinking like a poultry farm. The photo is aa bit overexposed. The 22013 is a cracker of a loco.

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