Evening Scenes at the Ashtamudi Perumon Railway Bridge

It is a picture-perfect evening at the Perumon railway bridge across the sprawling Ashtamudi lake at Kollam, Kerala. The sun is about to set, the lake lies calm, serene and unhurried, the sky and water blue and gold, reflecting the last remnants of the set sun, and was a cool breeze whipping around announcing the arrival of the night. The late-running 56304 Nagercoil-Kottayam passenger led by the Arakkonam AJJ WAP4 22830 meanders across the bridge, school children are busy in their own world. The curved cocounut tree stands as a perfect backdrop to the photo. The picture captures all the essence and the beauty of the Kerala backwaters. Sunsets, trains and peace! 🙂

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