Russian Knights Show off Chaff and Flares at Aero India 2013

The Russian Knights (Russkiye Vityazi) Air Acrobatics team of the Russian Air Force show off their skills with their Sukhoi Su-27s during the Aero India 2013 Air Show in Bangalore. The jets after flying in formation deployed Chaff and Flares, which are part of evasive countermeasures used to confuse enemy aircraft and deflect incoming missiles et al during air-to-air combat. They make spectacular scenes in the sky. One of the Sukhois can be seen to the top of the picture. (Sorry for the blemishes in the picture, the camera is quite old and has lens defects)

Crowds at Bangalore Aero India 2013

The Crowd watching air acrobatics performances at the Bangalore Aero India 2013 Air Show. The show is held once every two years and often enthralls crowds with formidable air stunts and displays by daredevils under hot and baking sun. The Aero India shows are always attended by sell-out crowds in Bangalore. This  picture is just of a part of the audience watching the show.

Testament Live in Bangalore! | Photos 6

Testament performing live in Bangalore amidst green strobe lights during the Bacardi NH7 Weekender on Dec 7 2012. The sound and lighting was awesome and the crowd was super charged. Only the location in the middle of nowhere off the New Airport Highway (Yes, NH7) was a dampener.

Testament Live in Bangalore! | Photos 5

Chuck Billy in full flow during the Testament live in concert show as part of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Bangalore on Dec 15 2012. The show was awesome with the lighting and sound being phenomenal. But the venue was in the middle of nowhere, getting and coming back costing more than the ticket itself. The organizing was shoddy in addition to that.

Testament Live in Bangalore! | Photos 4

With strobe lights reducing him to a silhouette, Bassist Greg Christian lets it rip with a solo during the first ever Testament live concert in India at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender on December 15 2012. What a show it was by the under rated American Thrash Metal band! \m/

Testament Live in Bangalore! | Photos 3

American Trash Metal band “Testament” performing live in Bangalore on Dec 15 2012 headlining the Bacardi NH7 Wekeender. Amidst a sea of green and yellow strobe lights, Chuck Billy cheers the crowd on! They put on an awesome performance, would like to see them again in Bangalore! (never mind the hand)