Traffic Mess at KR Puram Early in the Morning

One of those notorious traffic jams found on Bangalore Roads under the “hanging bridge” in front of the Railway Station at KR Puram, Bangalore. Even early in the morning. Trucks, cars, buses, autos, bikers and more converge from four lanes to two to pass under the bridge. Add to that the general chaos in front of the Railway Station with passengers and so on. One of the worst spots in the city. (Note the guy on top of the picture, enjoying the spectacle from the bridge above :))

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If the concern person address this issue early before it reaches the limit, then the pollution created by the thousand of vehicles moving at low speed can be avoided.


There is only one solution to this problem – CLOSE DOWN KR PURAM RAILWAY STATION.

There is no real point served by having a railway station at KR Puram junction. There is no place for expansion, no space for auto/bus stands.

Just 2km earlier, there is enough space available in Byappanahalli for making a mega railway station. That place has added advantage of close proximity to Metro station, and KSRTC satellite bus stand etc.

Alternatively, KR Puram station can be shifted away a km, towards Railway Colony/ITI grounds area (between Mahadevapura – KR Puram). There too there is enough space for multiple platforms and bus/auto stands etc.

Use the space freed up by current KR Puram station to construct roads/flyover etc.

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