Mercedes-Benz New 15-Meter “Ultra High Deck” Multi-Axle Bus!

Mercedes-Benz’s new Multi-Axle bus model probably undergoing road tests spotted outside a BharatBenz showroom in a central Tamil Nadu town. The bus is a ground-breaking 15 meters long, breaking Volvo 9400PX‘s (B11R – now discontinued) 14.5 m meter length record, making it the longest bus in India (and Asia). 15 meters is also the legally the longest length any passenger road vehicle can have in India. The bus features a radical steerable rear tag axle in addition to ESP, ABS, all-round disc brakes and all the usual goodies. The bus model hasn’t been named yet but seems to be called the “Ultra High Deck” and was launched in July 2015. The front-end design of the bus with its distributed vertically stacked lights and AMG-style huge single-bar grille and Mercedes logo marks a radical departure from the old boring Mercedes design and also general bus design which are all straight-line horizontally oriented as of now. A Parveen Benz bus can also be seen.

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