KSRTC’s Old Ordinary Bus TS620 “Aana Vandi” of Muvvattupuzha

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation’s ordinary bus TS620 of Muvvattupuzha deport wheezing up the curves of the MC Road on its Muvvattupuzha – Kootthattukulam run which takes it entirly though hilly areas which the old, dusty, flaky, moldy (note the moss on its roof) 14 year old (1999 model) Ashok Leyland grandfather bus still manages to endure. This old warhorse must’ve started its life as a Superfast or Fast Passenger which is now condemned to lead life like this in the last few years of its life.

This design of KSRTC buses which was in vogue for several decades, now phased out and replaced with the more modern “straight lines” look, coupled with the elephants on KSRTC’s logo was what inspired the name “aana vandi” for KSRTC buses. This iconic aana vandi design is gradually disappearing from the roads as more of these buses are being scrapped. Note the epic ground clearance, the Army can put this bus to good use!

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