A Very Short Goods Train Passes Through Rural Tamil Nadu

Golden Rock (Trichy) shed’s EMD WDG4 #12871 hauls a relatively short rake of BCNA wagons across a typical setting of the rustic beauty of the rural Tamil Nadu countryside, just before it was about to pass under a road overbridge on the National Highway NH7 at Jambuthuraikottai, J Mettur, Dindigul District in Tamil Nadu, near Kodaikanal Road Railway Station. The rail line is the Madurai – Dindigul section of the Madurai – Chennai main trunk line. The section is double line electrified but the other track runs at some distance away. The spot makes an awesome railfanning spot where you can nicely spot full-length trains, if you can stand the sound of trucks rumbling across the bridge 🙂 Also, this was the 300th fottam!

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