In #CommunistKerala, You Turn Right to go to Moscow!

A road direction sign board on a local road in Kottayam district, Kerala. Yes, what you see is actually¬†the name of a village junction, and not some international signboard. In a state with huge communist leanings it is no accident that there are many places named ‘Moscow’ there! The only anomaly is that instead of left, you have to turn right to get to this Moscow! ūüôā Taken through a car windshield which explains the glossiness of the picture.

“Moo!” Cows be a Chillin’ on Bangalore Roads

A completely chilled out Bos Taurus chews cud lying very comfortably under the Yeshwantpur overpass on the road leading to Rajajinagar. I stopped to say hi. Cows are were common on Indian roads and are part of the enduring strerotype of Indian roads: “Cows on Indian Roads”.

Shining Little Channapatna Lacquer Toys and Dolls!

Colorful, shining little colorful Channapatna Toys and Dolls happily sit basking in the early afternoon sun at the outdoor Kaveri Handicrafts Emporium at the Junction of MG Road and Brigade Road, the nerve center of Bangalore. The history of Channapatna Toys can be traced to Tipu Sultan and Persia. They are made out of Ivory Wood (today Teak also) and finished using Lacquer wood finish that gives them that shining, glowing look. They are famous across the world and are THE souvenirs to take home after you visit Bangalore. You can buy Channapatna Toys online too!

A Hot Pink Volkswagen Beetle in Bangalore!

Prize catch! A Volkswagen New Beetle car in standard¬†Hot¬†Pink color spotted at Canara Bank signal, Koramangala 100 ft road, Bangalore! This is something I had kept an¬†eye out for a long time! Volkswagen New Beetles were¬†available in India till 2013¬†for a sweet 22 lakhs a piece when they were discontinued for want of sales (obviously), managing to sell only around 500 numbers, making the New Beetle an absolute rarity on Indian roads. The iconic Beetles are absolute eye candy to look at given its famous curvy design and palatable colors. Not sure if the New Beetle was offered in Pink or if this is a custom paint job.¬†Yes, the Pink Beetle is the Property of a Lady, of course ūüôā Also, here is a Pink Chevrolet Beat.

Vamos Argentina! From Kaduthuruthy, Kerala

Argentina Fans Proclaim their Love for the Team in Kerala. Kerala is crazy about football and this craziness reaches a fever pitch during every FIFA World Cup. Fans put up huge hoardings with graphics printed on flex sheets proclaiming love and tributes for their favorite teams which mostly happen to be Brazil and Argentina, which many people are hard core, die hard fans of. This is more prevalent in Malabar, the northern part of the state. Here is a rather smaller flex board put up by some fans of the Argentinian team in Kaduthuruthy, a village in South Kerala in Kottayam district. The hoarding says: “We have not come to challenge anyone, but to face challenges with beautiful football… To the land of the arrogant, with a little arrogance….”

And We Keep on Truckin’…!

A run-down container carrier truck carrying a Maersk container takes a break at the peripheries of Bangalore, India. An overloaded bike with two guys and two kids and no helmets meanwhile cooly ride past it unperturbed on the wrong side of the unmarked road. What we see here is quintessential semi-urban India.