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Lots of Colorful Bangles Lying on the Ground

A close up shot of a lot of colorful bangles lying discarded in a field. These bangles are called ‘kuppivala’ (????????) in Malayalam, translating to ‘glass bangles’ though they are made of plastic and not glass. These were popular among all ...

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A "NeeR" ant walking along a Branch of a Twig

An Ant Walks Along a Twig #ForeverAlone

The close up shot of an Orange Ant (Neer urumbu in Malayalam) walks along a Twig, all alone. Surprising, since ants are always seen in groups. Maybe it was a scout. These Ants are like Fire Ants and pack a ...

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Pigeons eating grain unmindful of a Hot Wheels car

Putting the Car Among the Pigeons

Busy Pigeons are unmindful of the 1962 classic Chevrolet Impala among them as they happily eat their grain. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Reddit Love This Pocket Gmail

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Close up photo of Kanthari or Bird's Eye Chilli at f/1.8

The Fiery Red Kaanthari (Bird’s Eye) Chilli!

The very hot Kanthaari Mulaku or Bird’s Eye Chilli Pepper of Kerala. This is used in all traditional dishes in the state and is an invariable ingredient of Kerala cuisine to add spice to them. Very ripe and very hot ...

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