Ernakulam’s Orange Hunk Hauls the Garib Rath on the Konkan Railway

Ernakulam ERS diesel loco shed’s Diesel Locomotive WDM3A #14046, one of ERS most trusted and oldest workhorses blasts past Anjani on the Konkan Railway with the 12202 Trivandrum Kochuveli – Mumbai Kurla LTT Garib Rath in tow. The orange-cream-orange livery of the Ernakulam hunk contrasts nicely with the green of the Garib Rath, the stunning green of the Konkan and the bright deep blue of the early morning sky. You can see the flagman waving his green flag at the orange hunk as it rushes by (Look how small he is in front of the locomotive!). Anjani is in Maharashtra nearer to Panvel and is one of Konkan’s most beautiful stations.

The Zuari Railway Bridge over the Zuari River, Goa

The famous Zuari railway bridge at Agaçaim near Cortalem, North Goa, India. This 1319 meter long single-track bridge carries the Konkan Railway over the Zuari river and is a star attraction for railfans and tourists alike. This photo was taken from the road bridge of the same name which carries the NH17 (Ernakulam – Panvel) running parallel to the Konkan Railway. The Zuari opens up after the bridge, coming to nearly three times in width in its tidal parts as it makes its way to the Arabian sea at Mormugao. The Zuari bridge is also known as the “Konkan Railway Bridge” maybe because of its visibility and stance, though there are many other bridges, some ever longer and bigger than the Zuari bridge. The bridge continues inside (from the point where the photo is taken and runs above the highway, crossing it. The other side of the road bridge has pretty good places to shoot selfies 🙂 I was unlucky enough to not spot even a single train though I waited for quite a long time 🙁 Photo was taken from here: