The Chennai – Bangalore – Mysore Shatabdi in all its Glory!

A long-range photograph showing the blue LHB rake interspersed with some unique white liveried coaches of the Prince of the Southern Railway, the 12007 Chennai – Bangalore – Mysore Shatabdi Express, as it glides past an open field after passing Jolarpettai junction hauled by Erode’s WAP4 #22549, at the point where the JTJ bypass meets the Chennai – Bangalore main line. This is also the point where Southern Railway and South Western Railway meet. I had captured the Shatabdi before with a WAM4 and a WAP7. The heavily patronized Shatabdi is the premier train between Bangalore and Chennai.

The Mysore Shatabdi Headed by a Spotless “Milkybar” WAP7!

The Prince of Southern Railway, the 12007 Chennai Central – Bangalore – Mysore Shatabdi Express blasts towards Baiyyappanahalli 10 minutes before time headed by a freshly POH-ed (Periodically Overhauled) WAP7, the gleaming, spotlessly clean #30357 of Royapuram Electric Loco Shed, Chennai. I was able to capture the entire train with its all-LHB consist for this photo while the WAP7 was blasting towards the curve at around 100 kph. Fresh-looking, spotlessly clean WAP7s are rare since they gather dirt very easily and all-white shining WAP7s are fondly called “Milkybars” 🙂 It is also rare that the Shatabdi is hauled by a WAP7. It usually gets a WAM4 though it does not have a fixed link (dedicated locomotive class) to haul it.

The 12007 ‘James Bond’ Chennai-Mysore Shatabdi Cruises Past BYPL

Southern Railway’s fastest train, the 12007 “James Bond” Chennai – Mysore Shatabdi Express cruises past Bayyappanahalli a couple of minutes late on its way towards the end of its non-stop run from Chennai to Bangalore. I was trying to capture this train for years now, but never got there on time. I was so excited that I fudged up the camera’s settings and the photo got a bit underexposed 🙁 Arakkonam’s WAM4 “Old Monk” #21233 is doing the honors on the helm. #21233 is also one of my favorite locomotives which once did the 66 km from Bangarapet to Bangalore Cantonment in 45 minutes flat with a TVC-BNC Premium Express!