Lallaguda’s Powerhouse WAG9 at Changanasserry!

One of India’s most powerful locomotive (engine) type spotted at Changanasserry, Kerala, bathed by the early morning Sun’s rays. The powerhouse of an electric locomotive, the WAG9 #31175 has a power output of 6350 hp and belongs to the South Central Railways’ (SCR) Lallaguda (LGD) “Electric Locomotive Shed” near Secunderabad. The green demon was sleeping on a siding Panto down attached to a short rake of blue Box Cars.

TP 5 ex-Super Deluxe Air Bus of KSRTC

KSRTC’s TP5 Ordinary running from somewhere on the MC Road to Kottayam Collectorate. TP5 is one of KSRTC’s old warhorses and was the superstar of KSRTC when she was inducted into service in 2004 as only the very second Super Deluxe Air Bus of the corporation. TP5 was of Kottayam depot and ran the most prestigious Kottayam – Bangalore service. I share a special bond with this bus, as it was the first bus I would take to come to Bangalore. She was quite a majestic looker then and was the most advanced bus of her time as the Volvos were yet make an appearance. Her glory days definitely behind her, she still toils on as a lowly Ordinary service of Kottayam depot, here seen at Kuravilangad. But her old glory can surely still be seen!

Cabbie’s Realistic Advice on Parents and Girlfriends

“Appa Amma First, “Preeti Prema Next”, says this message stickered on the back of a Tata India cab in Bangalore. Translated it would mean “Dad and Mom should come first before love and girlfriends” (It can also be deduced that Preeti and Prema are names of girls, hee hee). Profound, indeed. Many such gems can be uncovered from self-made bumper stickers on cabs in Bangalore. Here is another one.

BMTC Vayu Vajra Volvo 8400 Running 335E

One among BMTC’s new batch of brand new Volvo 8400s running as the Majestic – Kadugodi 335E service seen at Rajeshwari Theater bus stop, Old Airport Road. Green colored Volvos are usually used as Airport services branded “Vayu Vajra” while red colored buses are used for city services. This Vayu Vajra, however, seems to be on special service.

Bright Orange WDM3A #18973 of Kazipet at SBC

The bright Orange and yellow WDM3A #18973 of Kazipet sits idle at Bangalore City Railway station. The huge profile and detail of the locomotive is overwhelming, a beast in its own right which can haul a 21 coach train including itself without breaking a sweat. This is a rebuilt from one of he ALCos