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A Sunset Over Distant Hills in a Blaze of Glory!

The majestic sun goes down over the distant hills in a blaze of furious white and yellow glory, painting the surroundings in a haze of orange and gold as huge high-tension electricity towers stand dwarfed on the foot of the hills silhouetted against the fury of the sunset. This scene is from the fields of central Karnataka just before Davangere where ...

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Picture of a beautiful sunset with mobile towers in backdrop at Tumkur.

A Spectacular Sunset Against Mobile Towers

Humongous Microwave and cellular towers cluttered with their antennae, receptors, transmitters and other assorted clutter stand tall, reaching majestically into space and the descending night as the sun sets past them as a spectacularly fiery ball displaying all the glory of nature, marking the end of a long, hot and tiring day… The picture of this spectacular sunset was taken ...

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Pleasant Evening on the Bangalore New Airport Road

The sun sends out its rays on beautiful evening on the excellent connecting highway from the Bangalore Airport to the Bangalore – Hyderabad NH7 (Bellary Road), which it joins via a trumpet interchange. The road is 2+2 laned and is lined by some of the most well groomed and maintained parks on both sides. A dream to drive on. Facebook ...

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The Sun sets over a backwater in Kerala

Golden Meenachil Sunset

The evening sun makes its way down over the Meenachil river on a beautiful evening at Kottayam, Kerala. The setting rays of the sun are reflected in brilliant Gold over the serene waters of the river bordered by lush greenery on either side as the calm evening in the small unhurried town draws to a close… Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn ...

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