The Zuari Railway Bridge over the Zuari River, Goa

The famous Zuari railway bridge at Agaçaim near Cortalem, North Goa, India. This 1319 meter long single-track bridge carries the Konkan Railway over the Zuari river and is a star attraction for railfans and tourists alike. This photo was taken from the road bridge of the same name which carries the NH17 (Ernakulam – Panvel) running parallel to the Konkan Railway. The Zuari opens up after the bridge, coming to nearly three times in width in its tidal parts as it makes its way to the Arabian sea at Mormugao. The Zuari bridge is also known as the “Konkan Railway Bridge” maybe because of its visibility and stance, though there are many other bridges, some ever longer and bigger than the Zuari bridge. The bridge continues inside (from the point where the photo is taken and runs above the highway, crossing it. The other side of the road bridge has pretty good places to shoot selfies 🙂 I was unlucky enough to not spot even a single train though I waited for quite a long time 🙁 Photo was taken from here:

A Toy SMART Car on a Train Window Sill (Macro Photography)

A SMART toy car (1:32 scale) sits on the window sill of an Indian train. The train was running, of course, and the compartment was that of a Sleeper coach. Macro Photography is the process of taking close-up, larger than life photographs (more than 1:1) of objects. Though this is not really high-quality, professional stuff, a small, humble attempt. Note the shallow depth of field that everything in the background was blurred. Oh, and the car fell off the train later 🙁

A Sunset Over Distant Hills in a Blaze of Glory!

The majestic sun goes down over the distant hills in a blaze of furious white and yellow glory, painting the surroundings in a haze of orange and gold as huge high-tension electricity towers stand dwarfed on the foot of the hills silhouetted against the fury of the sunset. This scene is from the fields of central Karnataka just before Davangere where empty land so quiet and calm stretches out for kilometers as far as the eye can see. The sunset and the setting of this serene landscape presents an incredible feeling of tranquility that makes memories of the tiring city-dwelling life seem so far away…

WAP4 22350 Heads the Howrah “Shiny Windows” Duronto!

Santragachi’s (SRC) WAP4 #22350 heads the 12246 Bangalore Yeshwantpur – Kolkata Howrah Duronto Express as it crawls past Baiyyappanahalli in Bangalore on its almost 2000 km journey. The windows of the train happily reflect the morning sunshine reflecting off the platform. The 5350 hp electric locomotive will singlehandedly haul the (technically) nonstop train on its 29 hour journey at an average speed of 67 kph. This 5-day a week train is one of the most successful Durontos on Indian Railways, seats always fully sold out for the entire two months in advance. Here is another picture of the same train.

And from the Mist Covering the Hilly Road, a KSRTC Bus Emerges…

A KSRTC Ordinary bus emerges from the chilly mist covering the hilly Elappara – Vagamon road in the high ranges of the Idukki district in Kerala. The bus was on its way from Kumaly to Moolamattom via Elappara and Thodupuzha. The entire place was completely covered in mist making visibility as low as a couple of meters! The very narrow, twisting and turning road running among the hills is bedecked by tea plantations on both sides and is shrouded in mist even during day time, like it was at 3:30 pm when this picture was taken! The huge trees loom as silhouettes in the background as the white bus nicely blends into the surroundings. And, it was a lucky shot! The entire surroundings looked completely ethereal and out of this world…

A Winding Road Among Tea Estates in Kerala

A stunning view of the Elappara – Vagamon road winding like a grey necklace among emerald green tea estates in the high ranges of Kerala, in the Idukki district. This place is called Elappara, literally meaning “Cardamom rock” after the spice grown here. The scenery and beauty of this entire area is breathtaking, often wrapped up in mist even during day time with the narrow road barely passable, though a busy bus route. The high ranges of Kerala, where the Western Ghats span all of Idukki and parts of Kottayam, Pathanamthitta and Ernakulam districts is among the unknown and mostly unspoilt areas by tourism in the state. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that it is one of the most beautiful places on earth 🙂 I can proudly say that I hail from the foothills of the highranges.

The location of the view seen here is given below. The photo was taken from the road above it.