Santana Live in Bangalore – The Stage!

The stage! Carlos Santana and his ensemble band Santana Live on stage in Bangalore as part of the Vladivar Rock In India 2012. The event organizers were DNA and they put on quite an awesome show! The sound was awesome, the lighting was dazzling and the entire arena was very well equipped! And yes, what a show!!

Santana Live in Bangalore! Photos 4

Carlos Santana with his back towards the crowd watches on the on stage screen as Dennis Chambers drums away in one of his epic solos  during the Santana concert, first ever in India at Bangalore on October 26 2012. As I said, what a show it was! One of the best I ever been to.

Santana Live in Bangalore Photos 3

Guitar God Carlos Santana and Bassist Benny Rietveld are shown performing one of Santana’s greatest hits Maria Maria during their maiden live performance in Bangalore, India. I saw many people whose eyes were filled up, the music took an emotional turn for many!