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Photo of the Bangalore Electronic City flyover during rain

A Grey and Gloomy Bangalore Electronic City Elevated Expressway

View from the elevated Expressway connecting Silk Board and Electronic City in Bangalore on a gloomy rainy day. The uniform grey of the sky stretching from horizon to horizon matches with the grey of the road and the buildings and the spray raised vehicles speeding through the water, making the entire thing look like out of an post-apocalyptic movie. This setting would also ...

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Photograph of falling rain among trees taken in HDR

A Photograph of Rain. That Looks Like a Painting.

Rain falls in sheets during the Kerala monsoon and all the flora around: the baby mango tree on the left side with its leaves glistening with rain water, the something tree on the right and the jackfruit and coconut trees in the background, all are only too happy about it! 🙂 This photograph was taken in HDR mode and you ...

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View through a rainy window

Looking Through a Rain Splattered Window…

A glorious rainy day in Bangalore, as viewed from a rain splattered window of an office building housed in a concrete jungle. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Reddit Love This Pocket Gmail

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Periyaare, Periyaare, Parvathanirayude Panineere…

The Periyar river flows around an island at Kalady in south-central Kerala. The rain is falling on the river and all around as the darkened skies clear the decks for another of the epic Kerala rains. It seems to be late in the evening even though it is only 1.45 pm. The photo was taken from the creaking Sree Sankaracharya ...

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A Nattuvazhi in rural Kerala

A “Nattuvazhi” in Kerala After a Rain

A small village road or “nattuvzahi” in rural Kerala, after the rains were long gone the sun shining out on the wet landscape and the muddy water still lying around as a remainder… The greenery is omnipresent, growing where it wants to grow 🙂 Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Reddit Love This Pocket Gmail

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Rain pounds down furiously upon a swamp outside Kottayam

Green Rain, Kerala Rain

Rains fall in sheets like spray over a green carpet, formed by moss and water hyacinths over a marshy water body outside Kottayam, Kerala. The plantains standing guard over the carpet nod their heads in agreement as trees look on in the distance. A typical scene from Kerala during the monsoons. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Reddit Love This ...

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