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Crown of Thorns Flower with a Bee in it

A Bee in a Crown of Thorns Flower

A bee sits inside a Crown of Thorns flower happily feeding away on the pollen of the flower. The Crown of Thorns plant (Euphorbia Milii) is also called the “Christ Plant” and is a widely grown thorny flowering plant which ...

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A cactus leaf with its flower

A Cactus and its Flower

A cactus “leaf” stands in the wilderness with its blooming flower. Like this picture, nothing else in the background matters for the cactus other than its flower. Older flowers wither and die away, while they are replaced by the young… ...

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Close up photo of Kanthari or Bird's Eye Chilli at f/1.8

The Fiery Red Kaanthari (Bird’s Eye) Chilli!

The very hot Kanthaari Mulaku or Bird’s Eye Chilli Pepper of Kerala. This is used in all traditional dishes in the state and is an invariable ingredient of Kerala cuisine to add spice to them. Very ripe and very hot ...

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