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A colorful view of the Dubai Downtown skyline of skyscrapers

Dubai Downtown’s Rainbow Skyline Seen from the Dubai Mall

The colorful and vibrant skyline of the Dubai Downtown, as seen from the Dubai Fountain area of the Dubai Mall, the lights casting long reflections in the water and the lights twinkling like stars. The towers in the skyline, including the Taj Hotel, are part of the Dubai Downtown and the walkway around the artificial lake surrounding the Burj Khalifa. ...

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Colorful Channapatna Lacquer Toys on display at MG Road Bangalore

Shining Little Channapatna Lacquer Toys and Dolls!

Colorful, shining little colorful Channapatna Toys and Dolls happily sit basking in the early afternoon sun at the outdoor Kaveri Handicrafts Emporium at the Junction of MG Road and Brigade Road, the nerve center of Bangalore. The history of Channapatna Toys can be traced to Tipu Sultan and Persia. They are made out of Ivory Wood (today Teak also) and finished using Lacquer wood ...

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Lots of Colorful Bangles Lying on the Ground

A close up shot of a lot of colorful bangles lying discarded in a field. These bangles are called ‘kuppivala’ (????????) in Malayalam, translating to ‘glass bangles’ though they are made of plastic and not glass. These were popular among all girls when I was growing up but today’s new-gen girls mostly prefer costly show-off branded stuff to these ‘traditional’ ones. ...

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Testament Live in Concert! | Photos 7

The testament live concert in Bangalore in December 2012 was spectacular for one thing other than the music. The dazzling display of strobe lights in all colors was a highlight of the show which added an otherworldly feel to the entire event! Here we can see pink, violet, blue, red and white all mingling to create a throbbing visualization marvel! ...

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Testament Live in Bangalore! | Photos 5

Chuck Billy in full flow during the Testament live in concert show as part of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Bangalore on Dec 15 2012. The show was awesome with the lighting and sound being phenomenal. But the venue was in the middle of nowhere, getting and coming back costing more than the ticket itself. The organizing was shoddy in ...

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Testament Live in Bangalore! | Photos 4

With strobe lights reducing him to a silhouette, Bassist Greg Christian lets it rip with a solo during the first ever Testament live concert in India at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender on December 15 2012. What a show it was by the under rated American Thrash Metal band! \m/ Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Reddit Love This Pocket Gmail

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