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Rain pounds down furiously upon a swamp outside Kottayam

Green Rain, Kerala Rain

Rains fall in sheets like spray over a green carpet, formed by moss and water hyacinths over a marshy water body outside Kottayam, Kerala. The plantains standing guard over the carpet nod their heads in agreement as trees look on in the distance. A typical scene from Kerala during the monsoons. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Reddit Love This ...

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The quintessential Kerala Rains

The Quintessential Kerala Rain!

When a drop is enough to fill a pot, when sparkling waterfalls cascade from the terraces onto the ground, when nature stands drenched,  the plant kingdom nodding their heads in agreement to the falling rains, when roads and lanes are converted into impromptu streams, when the air is washed clean and stands cool and refreshed, when everything feels fresh with the ...

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