The Great Marathahalli Traffic Jam – at Night.

Traffic Jam at Marathahalli in Bangalore under the bridge towards both sides at around 10 in the night! The junction of the “IT corridors” Marathahalli is getting to be the worst place in Bangalore with decrepit, crumbling infrastructure, very high levels of pollution and toxic gases from the gazillion vehicles in the area. Despite the availability of exellent public transportation in the area, people refuse to leave their cars and instead blame public transport for the traffic mess!! #facepalm

Portait of Hanuman Swami Made Using Illumination Lights

A beautiful, life-like glowing portrait of Lord Hanuman Swami made using strings of multi-colored illumination lights seen standing on its scaffolding high above the traffic noise at Marathahalli Bridge, Bangalore late one night. The image depicts him carrying the “Maruthva Mala” which had the life saving herbs to save the life Lakshmana who was grievously wounded during the Rama-Ravana war in the Ramayana. These kinds of illuminated portraits can be found all over India and should be recognized as an art form. Waiting for the day when the illumination lights will be replaced by LEDs. That will be awesome! Unfortunately, one set of lights for the left leg seemed to be out of order.

The Great Marathahalli Traffic Jam

The infamous traffic jam at Marathahalli under the bridge on the Ring Road on a pleasant rainy evening. Marathahalli is one of the worst places in Bangalore, a concrete jungle with perennial traffic jams, narrow roads, crowded everything, polluted air and bad infrastructure. The jam pictured below is a common everyday occurrence but people are cool about it. They will not let go of their cars even if it meant the end of the World. It is a privilege being stuck in a jam in your OWN car, no?

(Sorry for the picture quality, mobile camera phone)

Golden Kaveri Volvo 9400 Multi Axle!

Picture of a Kaveri Travels Volvo 9400 built on a B9R chassis getting ready for departure at Marathahalli. Kaveri runs services within various destinations in Andhra Pradesh such as Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Nellore, Ongole, Kakinada and also to Bangalore and Chennai. Their buses feature some really abstract liveries and here is a golden one which nicely complements the colors of the surroundings. Click here for online booking.

A Colorful BMTC “Arrow” Livery Bus

A very colorful BMTC bus with the stylish “arrow” livery seen at Marathahalli, with arrows in blue, red, yellow and green against an off-white background, signifying connectivity. The bus number is 502C which runs from JP Nagar to Hebbal via BTM, Silk Board, Agara, Marathahalli, KR Puram Tin Factory and Nagawara. This is a special livery of BMTC buses usually reserved for buses plying around the Outer Ring Road, and is only seen on ordinary buses. The one shown here is a Tata bus. It would be really nice if BMTC extended this livery scheme to Volvos as well.

Just Another Pleasant Evening on the Marathahalli Bridge…

A traffic jam atop the new, three laned Railway over bridge in Marathahalli, Bangalore. This was a daily occurence every day until they banned left/right turns on the ORR over bridge where this jam had its origin. One would be stuck here for atleast 20-30 min every day, the jam stretching more than a kilometer on some days. But it was still better than the horrible, two-laned rickety bridge it replaced in 2007! It is not so bad these days, thanks to Bangalore Traffic Police’s thinking! This photo was taken in 2009.