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Traffic Rules Written in Malayalam

Obey Traffic Rules! By Order, Kerala Police

The most basic traffic rules written in Malayalam hang from a traffic signal post at Kalady junction on the MC Road in Kerala. (Traffic signals are called just “traffic” in Kerala. So what is traffic actually called? A “block”. Yeah we are complicated. The rules written are as follows: Don’t drink and drive. Always wear seatbelts. Do not overtake from ...

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Board Expressing Outrage at the Vadavathoor garbage dump, seen at Kalathilpady

Welcome to Vadavathoor – Kottayam’s Garbage Dump

A flex board at Kalathilpady, close to the town limits of Kottayam, Kerala, sarcastically spews venom against a garbage dump at nearby Vadavathoor. Tons of garbage produced by Kottayam town and surroundings is being dumped near here for two decades now, and shows no sign of abating, despite several protests. The stench when you near Vadavathoor on the KK Road ...

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