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Picture of a vehicle breaking rules in Bangalore causing Traffic jams

A Leading Cause for Traffic Jams – Bangalore

Causes of traffic jams vary, but the biggest culprit is most often the incredible uncivilized stupidity of people. Look at this cab guy, who jumps the queue trying to get in front of everyone, blocking traffic coming from the opposite ...

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BMTC Volvo in Blue Livery Running 500D

BMTC Volvo 500D in Blue!

A BMTC Volvo in the rare blue livery at Marathahalli, Bangalore. These, along with the similarly designed Orange ones are not very much seen, though Orange ones are more than blue. These buses were originally intended to be a HO-HO ...

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People Ignore warnings and cross the railway tracks

Do Not Cross the Railway Tracks! Who Cares?

Who cares? very well aware of the danger, people in India cut corners and break rules somehow sure that nothing will ever happen to us as accidents are always things that happen to other people and not us, as we ...

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