A Leading Cause for Traffic Jams – Bangalore

Causes of traffic jams vary, but the biggest culprit is most often the incredible uncivilized stupidity of people. Look at this cab guy, who jumps the queue trying to get in front of everyone, blocking traffic coming from the opposite side and also delaying people waiting in queue. So all those people who are waiting in queue for the signal are fools and this guy is the only hero? These people should not be fined, but thrashed. And it is not just cabbies, but “educated” idiots also do this stunt regularly, blocking traffic for everyone in their self-righteous, overzealous attempt to get in front of everyone else to save seconds which do not really matter. From Devarachikkanahalli Main Road signal, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

BMTC Volvo 500D in Blue!

A BMTC Volvo in the rare blue livery at Marathahalli, Bangalore. These, along with the similarly designed Orange ones are not very much seen, though Orange ones are more than blue. These buses were originally intended to be a HO-HO (Hop on Hop off) service along two routes in the Bangalore central business district (CBD).

But the scheme failed spectacularly, one because of traffic jams and two because all the privileged people working in banks and all around there found it beneath them to travel in buses, preferring autorickshaws and their own vehicles (and then cribbing about high fares and traffic, respectively), forcing BMTC to deploy these buses on regular routes.

This one is running as 500D Silk Board – Hebbal. Note the nice circular designs. Love it!

Do Not Cross the Railway Tracks! Who Cares?

Who cares? very well aware of the danger, people in India cut corners and break rules somehow sure that nothing will ever happen to us as accidents are always things that happen to other people and not us, as we are too self-righteous in our own right. And in case we do get hit by a train, we blame others for it. In our urge for self-gratification, we care a damn about rules and then complain about the state of our nation.

Here is another picture taken by a fellow blogger from exactly the same spot. An everyday occurrence. take the overbridge? Those are for losers and cowards no?