Guns N’ Roses in Bangalore! Photos 5

Guns N’ Roses performing live in Bangalore India for the first time on Dec 07 2012. This view is the crowd from the back. GN’R also performed at Pune and Gurgaon, finally ending the long-long wait of fans in India. On the screen: Axl Rose, who was not the young strapping man we have seen in the videos. Still, he delivered a stupendous performance!

Guns N’ Roses in Bangalore! Photos 4

Videographers galore during the Guns N’ Roses concert in Bangalore on December 7 2012. All of these videos recorded on mobile phones, no matter how high-end they might be will only contain blurred, jumpy visuals and scratchy noise. People should learn to enjoy the music rather than video tape the entire show. And I don’t think anyone knows bout the GN’R riots during their American Tour of 1991 and what caused them… It started when Axl Rose tried to stop a fan from videotaping the show.

Guns N’ Roses in Bangalore! Photos 3

Confetti explodes and rains down towards the end of the GNR Concert in Bangalore, India, December 7 2012. The song was Paradise City, and things finished off in grand style, three hours after it had started. The audio was bad, but the show and lighting were awesome! Another one I never thought I would see, though I am a bit saddened to realize that I will never see the classic lineup ever.

Guns N’ Roses in Bangalore! Photos 2

The Guns N’ Roses Bangalore concert 2012! A view from the back of the crowd. Metal horns and fists galore! The crowd was pretty decent, no untoward incidents were reported. But the crowd was also very un-rock. Axl Rose rocked, the new guys are good, but nothing could beat the classic lineup.

Guns N’ Roses at Bangalore! Photos 1

From the show where Guns N’ Roses performed in India for the first time, in Bangalore on December 07 2012! GN’R put on a fantastic show playing for a whopping 3 hours almost, easily the longest rock concert in Bangalore ever! The light shows and general stage displays were awesome! But the audio sucked.