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Close up photo of Kanthari or Bird's Eye Chilli at f/1.8

The Fiery Red Kaanthari (Bird’s Eye) Chilli!

The very hot Kanthaari Mulaku or Bird’s Eye Chilli Pepper of Kerala. This is used in all traditional dishes in the state and is an invariable ingredient of Kerala cuisine to add spice to them. Very ripe and very hot ...

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Yummy Ripe Banganapalli Mangoes kept on display

Ripe Banganapalli Mangoes!

Yummy ripe Banganapalli mangoes kept on display in a supermarket for sale. Banganapalli mangoes are said to have originated from Andhra Pradesh state in India and is the quintessential image and taste when it comes to mangoes in India and ...

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Picture of Nagpur Oranges from India

Authentic Indian Nagpur Oranges

A cache of Nagpur Oranges on sale as seen in a crate. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Reddit Love This Pocket Gmail

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Closeup Photo of Fresh Oranges

Oranges! Round, Shiny, Orange, Oranges!

Round, Spherical, Fresh and yummy looking Oranges! Of course, these oranges are bright orange in color! Taken at a supermarket where they were lying ready to be consumed šŸ™‚ This picture is my current wallpaper. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn ...

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