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Two railway Mainlines conjoining ar Ernakulam Junction

The Junction with Branching Lines at Ernakulam Jn.

A set of railway tracks branches off to the right after Ernakulam Junction coming from the station, Alappuzha side, while another set moves on towards Thrissur and Shornaur and Palakkad. The line that branches off goes towards Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram via Kottayam and Chengannur. The line going ahead from Ernakulam via Alappuzha joins this one at Kayankulam. These are the ...

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Picture of Indian Railways electric locomotive WAP4 #22624 at Ernakulam Junction

WAP4 #22624 at ERS With a “Shadow” Livery

Erode shed’s WAP4 Electric Locomotive with road number #22624 pulls an empty rake on shunting duties at Ernakulam Junction Railway Station (ERS). The engine used to be bright red, but the paint had faded into bright orange. the evening sun shines brightly on its side until where the the corrugated sheet of the platform shelter suddenly cuts if off, playing ...

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