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Sunset and live raining cloud bank in Kerala

A Sunset Lights Up an Incredible Raining Cloud Bank in a Golden Hue!

The setting sun lights up an incredibly wide, expansive cloud bank, all cottony and fluffy from “behind”, highlighting it contours in a poetic golden hue late one evening. One set of raining clouds in the middle is completely lit up in the golden setting color of the sun! The rain falling of the cloud can be clearly seen as golden showers ...

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Picture of Blue Cloudy Sky

Clear Blue Skies Above a Fringe of Green!

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Picture of a Sunset and resulting Golden and Blue sky in Bangalore at Old Madras Road.

From Blue to Gold with White! Bangalore’s Sunset Sky

Bangalore’s evening sky captured just after sunset on Old Madras Road, near the NGEF signal. The sun had just set, painting the horizon in Gold, which gradually gets bluer as we go up the sky, scattered with wispy white clouds. Traffic waits patiently under the sky, the silhouettes of a tanker and a KSRTC bus can be seen. Facebook Twitter ...

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Pleasant Evening on the Bangalore New Airport Road

The sun sends out its rays on beautiful evening on the excellent connecting highway from the Bangalore Airport to the Bangalore – Hyderabad NH7 (Bellary Road), which it joins via a trumpet interchange. The road is 2+2 laned and is lined by some of the most well groomed and maintained parks on both sides. A dream to drive on. Facebook ...

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Cirrocumulous Clouds

Wispy White Clouds in a Sky-Blue Sky!

A bank of wispy white clouds, also known as “Cirrocumulus Clouds” seen against the backdrop of a blue sky on a brilliantly bright day. The leaves are from a tree that was hanging around the background. The clouds seem like tiny wisps of cotton balls, and are apparently very, very much high above. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Reddit ...

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The Golden Evening Sky Radiant with light from the setting sun

Golden Clouds Cover the Evening Sky

The evening sky is filled with clouds, and the setting sun paints it in Gold, as clouds reflect its last rays as it goes over the horizon… The scene puts forward an ethereal, soothing peaceful feeling, far detached from our World and it’s problems…  Taken from a train as it was speeding through the quaint evening, somewhere in Karnataka near Bangarapet. ...

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