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Cabbie’s Realistic Advice on Parents and Girlfriends

“Appa Amma First, “Preeti Prema Next”, says this message stickered on the back of a Tata India cab in Bangalore. Translated it would mean “Dad and Mom should come first before love and girlfriends” (It can also be deduced that Preeti and Prema are names of girls, hee hee). Profound, indeed. Many such gems can be uncovered from self-made bumper ...

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Funny Bumper Sticker on a Bangalore Cab

Cabbie’s Funny Fuel Saving Advice

LOL. Cab drivers, especially those in Bangalore are an enlightened lot these these days. For example, this Tata Indica cab has on its rear, the very important advice: “Recession Time! Avoid Girlfriends it saves 90% fuel!” There should be more people like this guy to save the World’s Energy crisis. But good that he learned his lesson! It does save ...

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