ED WAP4 #22232 Stands Tall!

WAP4 fancy number #22232 stands tall, purring like a cat idling at Thrissur Railway Station with the 16042 Alappuzha-Chennai Express in tow. The beast exudes raw power, with all 5350 hp of it menacingly visible even while at rest

16041/42 Chennai – Alappuzha Express!

The 16041/16042 Chennai – Alappuzha (Alleppy) – Chennai Express at Thrissur Railway Station, hauled by Erode’s WAP 4 #22232.  The first coach (SLR) with the name board. The Board says Alappuzhaaa Express in Tamil and Malayalam, and Alempi Express in Hindi. Hahaha. The 16041/16042 is the Second Express train ever in Kerala and the very FIRST Express that started running in South Kerala and survives to this date. The history of the train goes back as far as 1944 when it started running as some slip coaches to be attached to the then 12/13 MAQ – MAS Malabar Express. Later it became a separate train and for a time was named the 41/42 Madras – Cochin “Kerala” Express, the most prestigious and premium train in Kerala! Later it was downgraded and now stops everywhere, and even goes to Coimbatore lately!