Photo of the Flowers of the Plumeria Obscura or Firangipani

The Lovely White Flowers of the Frangipani or Plumeria Obtusa

Delectable, beautiful white flowers of the Plumeria Obtusa, popularly known as Frangipani. The flowers are delightfully white and are grown all over India and South and Southeast Asia. The plant is a native of Central America, from where most beautiful flowering plants come. Blurred the background where you can see some more flowers. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Reddit Love ...

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The flowers of the Mussaenda Erythrophylla a tropical flowering bush

The Small Yellow Star of the Fiery Rose ‘Mosanda’

The Mussaenda Erythrophylla is a flowering plant found in tropical areas, also known as Ashanti Blood, Red Flag Bush or Dogwood, and is naive to West Africa. It is very widely found in Kerala both as a decorative plant and in the wild, and sports flowery leaves which may be red, rose pink or white, but the actual flower is the ...

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Yellow Bell Flower in full bloom

The Yellow Bell Flower in all its Yellow Glory!

They beautiful Yellow Bell flower or Allamanda Cartharica seen in its yellow glory. This flower is one of the most beautiful too look at when it blooms in summer with its bright yellow color contrasting against the deep green of its flowering bush. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Reddit Love This Pocket Gmail

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Garib Rath Express train seen through fog

The Garib Rath on a Sunny and Foggy Morning

The 12258 Trivandrum Kochuveli – Bangalore Yeshwantpur Garib Rath Express headed by old-timer KJM WDM3A #18824 waits patiently in abeyance to a red signal on a foggy and sunny morning at Anekal Road railway station near Bangalore to let an oncoming train pass, looking ahead through the fog. The tracks ahead were completely obscured by fog but it lifted soon ...

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Crown of Thorns Flower with a Bee in it

A Bee in a Crown of Thorns Flower

A bee sits inside a Crown of Thorns flower happily feeding away on the pollen of the flower. The Crown of Thorns plant (Euphorbia Milii) is also called the “Christ Plant” and is a widely grown thorny flowering plant which gives clusters of pink, solid looking round flowers which are very pretty to look at. It is a native of ...

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Silent Stars and Milky Way in the Night Sky

A starry night on a no-moon day. The stars shine brightly across the sky with the Milky Way towards the bottom right side in this long exposure Night Sky photograph, set and shot in Manual mode. A humble attempt to capture the clear night sky from an unpolluted location up the Western Ghats, known as “Highrange” in Kerala. Sadly, a ...

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