The Inner (Intermediate) Ring Road in Bangalore. Empty on Sunday

Empty Inner Ring Road, Bangalore

The Inner Ring Road in Bangalore connecting Koramangala and Madiwala and beyond with the Old Airport Road and Indiranagar, all empty and flat out, devoid of traffic. Though named “Ring Road, there is no ring, it is just a straight stretch of road from Koramangala to Domlur and is usually chock-a-block with traffic and jams caused by vehicles coming from ...

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Image of Pai Vista Convention Hall lit up in colors, Basavangudi, Banglore

A Colorfully lit up Convention Hall at Night

A picture of the Pai Vista Convention Hall in Basavanagudi, Bangalore at night, appearing beautifully all lit up in various hues of blue, green, red, brown and violet. This place is one of the more popular convention halls in Bangalore. Not sure if the lighting has anything to do with that. Basavangudi is one of the few remaining “classic” spots ...

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The Towering UB City Tower!

The UB City Tower, part of the UB City commercial space created by Dr.Vijay Mallya. The tower named UB Tower is 19 floors tall and said to be the tallest structure in Karnataka at 123 meters. It houses corporate offices of the UB Group and other corporates. The remaining of UB City comprises of luxury malls, restaurants and offices. The ...

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Bangalore’s Very NICE Road!

A view of Bangalore’s Peripheral Ring Road constructed by NICE (Nandi Infrastructural Corridor Enterprises), hence called NICE Road. It is a private Toll Road, and the Toll charges are quite high and the road is showing signs of cracks. But still, the 40 km stretch from Hosur Road (NH7) to Tumkur Road (NH4) is still the best stretch to drive ...

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Just Another Day on Commercial Street

Commercial Street, one among Bangalore’s most popular shopping destinations as seen on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. Commercial Street is only 500 meters in length and lined with shops, upmarket and less. It along with the parallel Dispensary road, Ibrahim Sahib Street and many perpendicular lanes like Narayana Pillai St and Jewellers St and the Kamaraj Road and Juma Masjid Road ...

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Inside the Forum Mall Koramangala

Inside the Forum Mall, Koramangala, Bangalore. Looking down at the floor level from the first level. The Forum Mall is still Bangalore’s most favorite mall, as there is something endearing about it and the fact that this was Bangalore’s first modern Mall, giving many people many fond memories about it. The location also helps. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr ...

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