Full length picture of Alappuzha - Tata/Dhanbad Express in Kerala

The “Supercrawler” Alappuzha – Dhanbad Express in Full Form

The famous 13352 Alappuzha – Dhanbad/Tata “supercrawler” Express rushes past all the greenery with the RPM WAP4 #22872 towards its next halt, Thrissur. It was quite a task getting the train in this frame as it was going at good speed despite its name and reputation. This train is quite an anachronism as against tradition it has very less stops in Kerala and a lot of stops everywhere else!

  • docdiablo23

    Thank goodness for the AC coaches. It used to be a nightmare (and daymare) earlier to travel from Rourkela to Chennai in this super-duper crawler, without fans working, passing through hot and humid areas all the way upto Rajahmundry.