Clash of Colors as the Full-Length Double Decker Slides Past Tin Factory

The full length of the 22626 Bangalore – Chennai AC Double Decker can be seen as it slides past the Benigannahalli lake (or what is left of it), under the Tin Factory flyover parallel to Old Madras Road in Bangalore, crossing what is known as the Channasandra triangle, framed by the flyover, the Gopalan Mall and the RMZ Infinity tech park. The train’s now somewhat fading red-and-yellow livery, the blue sky, the greenery and the gorgeous pink Tabebuia blooms now being seen everywhere in Bangalore make for a good clash of colors. The train was being hauled by a surprise offlink, a crimson Royapuram WAP4 #22960 instead of its usual RPM WAP7. Took a lot of work framing this full length shot of the train.

Rare Photo of Udupi Garden Signal Without Traffic!!

The Udupi Garden signal (or the “junction of 16th main and Ring Road”), named after a famous restaurant that used to exist there (today it has become a ‘Shanti Sagar’), is one of Bangalore’s junctions most notorious for its traffic jams. The junction is situated in BTM Layout on the main artery of the IT corridor and hence sees jams stretching kilometers towards all sides every day. Here is an extremely rare photograph of the junction and the 16th Main (BTM layout 2nd Stage) with almost no traffic! Taken on the day of the India – Australia cricket World Cup semifinal match. Good thought of the authorities building the footpath/sidewalk around the tree, sparing it 🙂 This junction was the centerpoint of my life for more than 6 years 🙂

7th Cross, BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore

BTM Layout and especially BTM 2nd Stage is one of Bangalore’s most happening and sought after middle class and “younger crowd” residential localities, mainly thanks to its location of being near to everything and all other places. When it was created 20 years ago, BTM Layout was Bangalore’s suburb, today it is the heart of the city. Like most such “older” localities, BTM has very few towering apartment complexes and is mostly composed of individual house-plots. I have had the good fortune of spending 6 years in the place. Here is the leafy 7th Cross, the road that runs parallel to the ring road and its major “commercial” center. I have so many memories associated with this place and this road…

Green Everywhere! Green Garib Rath Headed by Green Offlink!

Headed by an epic GOC offlink, the 12258 Kochuveli – Yeshwantpur Garib Rath Express waits patiently at Kelamangalam in Tamil Nadu 10 km south of Hosur early in the morning for the 12677 Ernakulam Intercity to cross past it. This was a green-letter day in the GR’s history. Its regular loco link, a KJM WDM/G3A had failed the previous day at Chingavanam in Kerala, and hence it was hauled by an electric WAG7 Tigerface from Trivandrum to Erode (first time ever!) and from there the green offlink GOC WDG3A #13562 took over. The livery of the engine nicely complements that of the train! This was among the best offlink combinations I have ever spotted! Go Green!!