The 12007 ‘James Bond’ Chennai-Mysore Shatabdi Cruises Past BYPL

Southern Railway’s fastest train, the 12007 “James Bond” Chennai – Mysore Shatabdi Express cruises past Bayyappanahalli a couple of minutes late on its way towards the end of its non-stop run from Chennai to Bangalore. I was trying to capture this train for years now, but never got there on time. I was so excited that I fudged up the camera’s settings and the photo got a bit underexposed 🙁 Arakkonam’s WAM4 “Old Monk” #21233 is doing the honors on the helm. #21233 is also one of my favorite locomotives which once did the 66 km from Bangarapet to Bangalore Cantonment in 45 minutes flat with a TVC-BNC Premium Express!

A Toy SMART Car on a Train Window Sill (Macro Photography)

A SMART toy car (1:32 scale) sits on the window sill of an Indian train. The train was running, of course, and the compartment was that of a Sleeper coach. Macro Photography is the process of taking close-up, larger than life photographs (more than 1:1) of objects. Though this is not really high-quality, professional stuff, a small, humble attempt. Note the shallow depth of field that everything in the background was blurred. Oh, and the car fell off the train later 🙁

India’s Most Powerful Locomotive Hauls a Passenger Train

Far away from home, East Central Railways’ Gomoh (GMO) shed’s WAG9H class “Green Goblin” #31332 electric locomotive is seen near Bangalore Cantonment BNC hauling the 56507 Marikuppam – Bangalore City “Swarna” Passenger. The WAG9H is a dedicated freight locomotive and is also India’s heaviest, most powerful and technically most advanced locomotive with 6350 hp power output and weighing 135 tonnes, the real “driving engines” of the Indian economy. Being lighter and faster, the WAP7 is the dedicated passenger version of the WAP9. The WAG9 and WAP7 are the 18-coach Swarna passenger’s regular link, though sheds may vary.

The Cute Little Chalakudy KSRTC Bus Station

View of the little KSRTC bus station cum sub-depot at Chalakudy (code: CLDY) in Thrissur district, Kerala. Seen are three ordinary buses waiting for their departure, two white-blue Venad buses and an old TATA make Ordinary bus. A Superfast is leaving the station. It provides the typical little sub-urban KSRTC bus station setting seen in Kerala, complete with the little “pettikada” selling all kinds of knick-knacks.

The Ever-Reliable Old Monk Waits at Bayyappanahalli

Arakkonam (SR) shed’s old faithful WAM4 class electric locomotive #21219 hauling the 56262 Bangalore City – Arakkonam passenger waits for the starter at Baiyyappanahalli Railway Station, Bangalore. I took this photo from a train (TVC-BNC SF special) hauled by another WAM4 from the same shed, #21233. Though they look beaten up and dilapidated, WAM4s are the most reliable and successful Indian Railway locomotive class ever, that even after 35 years in service they are still going strong! The WAM4 of my trains covered the Trivandrum – Bangalore distance in juts 13 hours 30 minutes at speeds exceeding 110 kph! WAM4s are lovingly called “Old Monks” by railfans 🙂

The Pretty as a Postcard Miramar Beach, Goa

The famous Miramar Beach in Dona Paula, off Panjim, Goa. This very pretty and peaceful beach is one of the most famous and cleanest in Goa (note the two dustbins), and is also among the ones with least “touristy” activities though it lies in the heart of Goa, near the capital of the state. The Miramar beach is huge with a vast expanse towards the south and this photo was taken at the Northern most end of the beach. This spot is also exactly at the mouth of the Mandovi river, where the river meets the ocean, and rusty barges (like the one in the picture) are a common sight sailing up and down the river and past the beach. The sky and the sea were flawless this bright sunny morning.