The Brindavan Express Snakes Towards KR Puram

The legendary 12640 Brindavan Express from Bangalore City to Chennai Central headed by a RPM WAP7 snakes its way slowly towards Krishnarajapuram Railway Station in Bangalore. The train is very long as it can be seen in this photo. It started running in 1964 is today just a shadow of its former glory. It does not even have an AC Car Car coach, slaughtered at the altar of the double decker. The weed-filled lake and the so-called KR Puram “hanging bridge” can also be seen.

New Kerala KSRTC Volvo B9R Multi Axle Buses in a Row!

On their way from the Volvo factory at Hoskote near Bangalore to the KSRTC HQ at Trivandrum in Kerala, Kerala State Road Transport Corporation’s (KSRTC) mint new “Gajaveeran” Volvo 9400 Multi-Axle buses stand majestically tall in the traffic jams of Marathahalli. Five of the buses can be seen in a row in this photo, one behind another. 10 of these buses were ordered by KSRTC for the first time ever to be mainly deployed on routes from Bangalore to Kerala. Kerala KSRTC’s Volvo services are branded “Garuda”, just like APSRTC’s premium services. Also, this is the original of the edited photo used as the featured image on KSRTC’s online booking portal, without my permission, of course.

Kerala KSRTC’s Brand New Volvo B9R 9400 Multi Axle Bus!

Presenting Kerala State Road Transport Corporation’s (KSRTC) first ever Volvo B9R Multi Axle buses! 10 of these were ordered and delivered. This photo was taken at Marathahalli in Bangalore amidst a huge traffic jam on their maiden journey from their birthplace at the Volvo factory in Hosakote near Bangalore to the KSRTC HQ in Thiruvananthapuram for registration and induction. KSRTC (Kerala) was Volvo’s launch customer in India but later fell behind thanks to nepotism and corruption. Hopefully this will be a new dawn!

Lallaguda’s Offlink WAP4 with the Venad Express!

Offlink Lallaguda WAP4 #22214 speeds past Vaikom Road with the 16302 Thiruvananthapuram – Shoranur Venad Express in tow on an insanely hot morning with the greenery of central Kerala in the background. An offlink, in railfan terms, is a locomotive that is not the regularly assigned one for a train. Offlinks create tremendous excitement among railfans. In this case, the magenta-ish red locomotive is the same class (WAP4) that hauls the Venad, but from a different shed. Lallaguda is in Hyderabad. Note the mid-mounted headlamps of the electric locomotive. Most WAP4s now have their headlamps mounted on top. The straight, long shadow cast on the locomotive and train was that of my KCVL Garib Rath which was pulled over to let the late running Venad pass.